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Our Story

Hi, I'm glad you stopped by! Here is a little background on Rein Designs Inc.and the Jibber Jabbers line of products.

I started the company to have fun with word play. It began when some of my friends started having babies. I thought it would be fun to put off-beat phrases in to the mouths of their babies via t-shirts. The first few phrases I came up with were:"Crib Potato","Doo Doo Happens" and "Don't Wake Me, I'll Wake You". The shirts were a hit and since that time I've created hundreds of one liners. A few of the classics have been: "Party, My Crib,3:00 a.m.", "Major Trouble" and "Don't Make Me Call Grandma".

I was having so much fun with kids' designs. I thought it would be fun to do the same for man's best friend. My bandannas have been a big hit with owners and pets alike. My sister reports that when she gets out the bandanna "Belle" stands still, proudly at attention waiting to be "styled".

A few years back I added children's picture book publishing to our business as a nice add on to our apparel line. The series"My Grandma Could do Anything" has been extremely successful. Many Mom's and Grandma's report it's their child's "Favorite Book!"

All of my products are designed for you to be entertained.
I hope I succeeded.

Thanks for visiting.